Scent Discovery
  • Scent Discovery


    The use of scent to improve health and well-being has been known for centuries. Essential oils are carefully extracted from flowers and herbs to create perfumes and medicines, anoint the sick, and scent people’s homes.


    Personalising your perfume: Whether you want to personalise your scent for some fresh confidence or a touch of elegance, this scent kit gives you the power to control the ingredients to blend the right perfume for the different occasions or moods.


    Scent therapy at home: With the right ingredients from this scent kit, you can also create your very own relaxing or stimulating home fragrances. Your creation can simply be applied to a perfume, a candle, an oil burner or a diffuser to bring positive impact for your mind, body and soul.


    Check out this revolutionary scent kit that empowers you to create an array of your very own scent anytime and anywhere.


    Content of your Experience Box may vary or be replaced with another tasting sample or accessory similar in value based on stock availability. 

    • Experience Kit Includes :

      • 34 scents based on natural ingredients in individual droppers
      • Blotters (70pcs)
      • Scent Discovery Notes
      • Personalised Gift Tag
      • Gift Card
    • Add-Ons :

      Option 1 ($110):
      Online Appreciation Session

      • Only available for 10 pax and above
      • View upcoming events on the right column for more details
    • Online Appreciation Session :

      Presented by one of our experts below:



      Johanna Monange, Founder & CEO of Maison 21G



      • How to create the bespoke scent of your home to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy as this kit comes with several scents that contain high level of essence oils with great benefits
      • Creating your personal perfumes
      • Understanding the power of the different ingredients and learning to blend the right perfume for different occasions and your unique scent
      • For wellness and mindfulness
      • Choosing the right ingredients to create your very own relaxing or stimulating scent for your mind and body
      • Q&A


      60mins including Q&A


      Session timing:



      Dates Available:



      *Only 1 speaker will be in attendance.


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