December Coffee Appreciation
  • December Coffee Appreciation


    In collaboration with Bettr Coffee, this tasting kit comes with signature blends that are carefully crafted to combine the best beans for a new, memorable experience of coffee flavors. Taste a blend of coffee from small coffee bean farms plantations in India and Colombia, or try a single origin from Myanmar.


    Brewing is made easy with this kit that promises to start you out on your specialty coffee journey. With adjustable brew flow and precision control, this tasting kit comes with everything you require to maintain an optimal grind size with a wide range of brew recipes. With an even extraction every time, the hockey-puck shaped coffee brew bed makes brewing a better cup easier than ever!


    As a social enterprise that aims to reduce its urban footprint, your purchase for this tasting kit will help to nurture direct trading relationships with partner coffee bean plantations to optimise the commercial benefit to these farmers and their extended communities. It will also benefit marginalised women and youth-at-risk.


    Content of your Experience Box may vary or be replaced with another tasting sample or accessory similar in value based on stock availability. 

    • Experience Kit Includes :

      • 1 December Coffee Dripper
      • December Paper Filters 185 (100 pcs)
      • Pourover Kettle (600 ml)
      • Bold Heart Ground Coffee Blend (250g)
      • Tasting Note
      • Personalised Gift Tag
      • Gift Card
    • Add-Ons :

      Option 1 ($30): 
      Experience Accessories includes

      • 2 Latte Cups

      Option 2 ($108):
      Online Appreciation Session

      • Only available for 10 pax and above
      • View upcoming events on the right column for more details
    • Online Appreciation Session :

      Presented by one of our experts below:



      Clemence Cheok, Trainer, Bettr Barista

      Gloria Soh, Trainer, Bettr Barista



      Understanding Coffee Today

      Watching the Demonstration and Brewing Along




      60mins including Q&A


      ​Session Timing:



      Dates Available:



      *Only 1 speaker will be in attendance.

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