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    Concocting cocktails is really not rocket science, this tasting kit comes complete with cocktail making tips to help you learn how to create and enjoy 2 cocktails – namely Hendrick’s Collins Twist and Monkey Sour or Reyka Cosmo. If you wish to take it up a notch with an online mixology masterclass, our certified mixologist will guide you to perfect your cocktails and empowering you with the basics of cocktails and spirits as well as mixology skills.

    Hendrick’s is an unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavour resulting in an unimpeachably smooth and distinct gin.

    Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky is a masterpiece that is created in small batches of different speyside single malts expertly blended then married together. Known for its richness and vibrancy combine with fruity aromas and mellow vanilla notes, its playful attitude and commitment to the unconventional makes it perfect for mixing.

    Reyka is a barley grain spirit that is redistilled in a single distillation in a copper-lined Carter-Head still in Iceland. Each batch produces about 255 cases and takes 6 hours to complete. The vodka is filtered through lava rock and made using the arctic spring water.

    Content of your Experience Box may vary or be replaced with another tasting sample or accessory similar in value based on stock availability.

    • Experience Kit Includes :

      Hendrick’s Collins Twist

      • Henricks Gin (50ml)
      • Fresh Lemon Juice (30ml)
      • Elderflower Cordial (30ml)
      • Fever Tree Soda Water( 200ml)
      • Dried Lemon Garnish
      • Dried Rose Petals

      Monkey Sour

      • Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (50ml)
      • Fresh Lemon Juice (30ml)
      • Honey Syrup with Orange Marmalade (30ml)
      • Dried Lemon Garnish

      ​​Cocktail Making Kit

      • Cocktail Shaker
      • Jigger
      • Bar Spoon


      • Tasting Note
      • Personalised Gift Tag
      • Gift Card
    • Add-Ons :

      Option 1 ($50): 
      Reyka Cosmo

      • Rekya Vodka (50ml)
      • Fresh Lime Juice (30ml)
      • Triple Sec Liqueur (30ml)
      • Cranberry Juice (30ml)
      • Dried Orange Garnish
      • 1 cocktail glass

      Option 2 ($28): 
      Experience Accessories includes

      • 2 Cocktail Glasses

      Option 3 ($128):
      Online Appreciation Session

      • Only available for 10 pax and above
      • View upcoming events on the right column for more details
    • Online Appreciation Session :

      Presented by one of our experts below:



      Donovan Lim, Specialist, William Grant & Sons

      Jack Ho, Specialist, William Grant & Sons



      History of cocktails

      Using the right cocktail making tools

      Different methods of cocktail making

      Understanding the importance of balancing a cocktail

      Balancing a cocktail



      30-45min including Q&A (2 cocktails)

      45-60min including Q&A (3 cocktails)


      Session Timing:



      Dates Available:



      *Only 1 speaker will be in attendance.

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