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The famous quote by Dr. Giacomo Tachis is, to this day, a core guideline for the management of Dolfi Winery:

“Good wine is born in the fields, not in the cellars”.

Like all the top famous wineries, Dolfi Winery puts the greatest energy and resources into the cultivation and management of the vineyard.

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Kvetna 1794 - Craftsmanship that spans generations.

Founded in 1794, the Kvetna Glassworks is one of the longest running wine stemware manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

Through 228 years of tradition and a deep appreciation for glassmaking, Kvetna 1794 combines the craftsmanship with the latest technology to offer you wine stemware of the highest possible quality. Each and every stem is painstakingly crafted by our own artisan glass blowers, continuing this time-honored legacy of Czech lead-free crystal production.


Kvetna 1794 is a signature to what makes our wine glasses remarkable.

This exclusive offer is available from 8th September to 14th September 2022.

Please allow up to 3 to 4 weeks for us to delivery your order as items will be imported from overseas.

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