Corporate Hospitality

In a connected world where we can maintain an infinite number of "contacts", real relationships matter more than ever. Nothing cements a relationship better than breaking bread together. Our award-winning corporate hospitality team has a flair for pairing themes with venues, brands with lifestyle partners, audiences with entertainment, and food with drinks to immerse your guests in a world of your creation.


Chef Management

Chefs are artists, only their canvas is your plate. We manage chefs and curate menus to ensure every aspect of their art is to your taste. From the range of ingredients to the number of courses and the style of plating we bring chefs to your home, office or event to create and demonstrate their art for you.


And if you need someone a little extra special, ask us about our local and overseas celebrity chefs.

Chef Listings

Conference Management

Why attend an external conference, when you could create your own, programmed to meet your precise needs?

Our conference team conducts deep domain research to craft compelling conference agendas with inspiring speakers. From marketing and sponsorship to operations and entertainment we are not just creating a conference but developing a unique and valuable piece of intellectual property especially for you. 


Incentive Programmes

Treat your top performers to a trip filled with activities that combine precision and interactivity to ensure everyone feels rewarded yet inspired to keep achieving.  With local partners in exotic locations across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America we want to show your team how much they mean to you, and help them learn something new about themselves too.